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Where Can I Get Traps?

(Trap Rental) Western Feed Stores at 3 locations:

  • 1600 34th St.(downtown Sacramento) 916-452-4741
  • 5935 Don Way in Carmichael 916-485-1311
  • 8980 Greenback Lane in Orangevale 916-988-1011
Price to rent a cat trap is: $3.00/per trap/day and a $65.00 refundable deposit (refunded when trap is returned)

(Trap Rental) Bradshaw Feed & Pet Supplies at 7285 Bradshaw Rd. 916-369-8225

Prices are $3.00/per trap/day and a $75.43 refundable deposit (refunded when trap is returned)

(Trap Rental) Yolo County Animal Services Shelter at 41831 Gibson Rd., Woodland (530) 668-5287

Prices are $3.00/per trap/per day and a $68 refundable deposit. You are only allowed to rent one cat trap at a time.

Trap Purchase:

Tomahawk Live Trap: http://www.livetrap.com/
Havahart: http://www.havahart.com/
Animal Care Equipment and Services: http://www.animal-care.com/
Heart of the Earth Marketing http://heartoftheearthmarket.com/animaltraps/animaltraps.htm

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