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Clinic Overview

Please read our policies prior to registering for our clinics
Upcoming Spay/Neuter Clinics
How to Sign Up for Clinics

How Often are Clinics Held?

Our clinics are held once a month and are open to free-roaming or feral cats. These must only be cats that have no apparent owner, are living in a colony of cats, can and will be trapped and returned to their colony site and be managed (fed, watered, trapped as necessary) by a responsible colony caregiver.

What are our clinic policies regarding cats?

Each cat attending our clinics will be ear-tipped to identify them as belonging to a managed colony. Cats brought to our clinics are to be returned to their specific colony location or relocated only to suitable barn homes or adoption homes willing to assume complete responsibility for the cat(s). There are some situations where friendly cats are trapped from a colony and are suited to re-homing to screened adopters. In these cases, we may waive ear-tipping when there is complete assurance that the cat will not return to their colony. We encourage trappers and caregivers to remove any tamable kittens and friendly adults as much as possible in order to reduce colony size responsibly.

In order to assure that each colony contains a healthy population, we will not return leukemia positive cats to the caregivers. These cats are often quite sick and can infect the rest of the colony with no real ability to treat these cats. Cats testing positive for FIV may possibly be returned to the colony after surgery following discussion between medical staff and the caregivers regarding the cat's health.

What Are Caregivers Responsible For?

Caregivers are responsible for renting or borrowing traps, trapping the cats and bringing them to the clinics. Caregivers are also responsible for picking up their cats following surgery and providing adequate recovery until they are released back to their colony site.

Donations Needed for Each Cat

The donation fee for each cat is $15.00 which includes the following procedures: spay or neuter surgery; vaccinations for Rabies and FVRCP (cat vaccines); flea treatment; ear mite treatment; minor wound treatment. We also administer pain medications and penicillin during surgery. We can test your cats for FIV/FELV (leukemia and cat AIDS) for an additional $10.00 or $6.00 for FELV only. Litters of kittens or siblings can be "batch tested" which means only one cat in the litter needs be tested for FIV/FELV to assure the entire litter's health.

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